SACCAP Company designs and manufactures standards and custom made industrial valves.




Brief history :

1947   Foundation of SACCAP, the company started in Blandy-les-Tours in Seine-et-Marne (F-77), it was launched by Mister DANIEL and was specialised in hanger devices for gutters. Building 1

Building 2

1950   SACCAP started to manufacture bronze valves for petrochemical industry
1986   Mister LOUST and BROUZES bought the company and Mister Brouzes became CEO of SACCAP.

SACCAP bought SAPAG company to GEC ALSHOM group. SAPAG being a world reputed company in safety valves and petroleum valves.

The same year, SACCAP moved to Blois (F-41).

2000   Since 2000, SACCAP developed a new range of ball valves and double block and bleed valves aside of it's traditionnal valve range
2013   October 2013 is a new turning point for SACCAP, which joins ICARUS together with COYARD company. The new integrated group take advantage of each company forces to become a major actor on the markets and supplies wide ranges of valves.


Organization chart

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